Company News 

Fiber to the Home Project

We will begin a two-phase fiber to the home project later this summer. The first phase will encompass the Zearing exchange which includes Zearing and the surrounding rural areas. The second phase is scheduled to begin in the spring/summer of 2021 and will encompass the Clemons exchange which includes Clemons, St. Anthony and the surrounding rural areas. This multi-million dollar project allows us to give our customers the bandwidth they want/need, greater reliability, future flexibility, cost efficiency and added value to the services they receive from us. We are excited for the opportunities this will present for the future of Minerva Valley.


Employee and Management News

The end of 2019 brought some employee changes to the company. General Manager Levi Bappe accepted a position at another independent Iowa communications company. Levi had been with Minerva Valley for 12 years. We will miss Levi as a manager, community member and friend. We wish him the best in his new position. With Levi’s departure the Board of Directors made the decision to go with a co-management structure. Combination Tech Aaron Landmesser was offered and accepted the position of Operations Manager and Office Manager Mary Phillips was offered and accepted the position of Business Manager. Aaron has been with Minerva Valley 12 years and Mary for 34 years. Customer Service Representative Angie Schnur and Combination Tech Lynn Coen will continue their important roles in the company.

A new Combination Tech has been hired and joined the Minerva Valley Team on March 23rd. Sanford Davis brings his experience as a broadband tech to our company and has already proven to be a valuable addition. Aaron, Mary, Lynn, Angie and Sanford are looking forward to taking Minerva Valley into the future.


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