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SkitterTV is our video product with your favorite channels and affordable rates


Our landline voice service offers unmatched reliability with unlimited local calling

Welcome to the Minerva Valley Companies

Minerva Valley Companies offers services in the Iowa communities of McCallsburg, Zearing, Saint Anthony and Clemons. We feature FAST internet and flexible video service with our SkitterTV. All services are backed by friendly, local support.

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The Internet is being used for more and more things every day.  The average household now has 25 devices connect through their WiFi service.  From your cell phone, tablet, gaming system, etc. to turning your house into a smart home adding these devices increases your need for more bandwidth.  

With this demand in mind Minerva Valley has changed our Internet package offerings.  We are now offering more bandwidth for less cost to keep up with consumer needs:


EXTRA EXPERIENCE – 100/100 mbps – $75.00/month.  This Experience package is a better fit for households that want to do more video streaming along with Internet browsing.  The Extra Experience will support browsing the Internet for up to 6 devices at one time and for streaming over-the-top video to 3 devices simultaneously.

EXCEPTIONAL EXPERIENCE – 300/300 mbps – $95.00/month.  This Experience package is a good solution for gamers, streamers, families with multiple people working at home or with students attending school on-line.  The Exceptional Experience will support browsing the Internet for up to 10 devices at one time and streaming over-the-top video to 6 devices simultaneously.

EXCELLENT EXPERIENCE – 500/500 mbps – $175.00/month.  This Experience package is for the serious gamer, streamer or those who need the bandwidth for their work-at-home or school-at-home needs.  The Excellent Experience will support browsing the Internet for up to 20 devices at one time and streaming over-the-top video to 10 devices simultaneously.

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Watch TV on the go!

Watch TV on the go!

Just register at, and get started watching your favorite shows whenever and wherever you want.

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Aureon invites public and private non-profit agencies to submit proposals for consideration in assisting fundraising for a specific project in your community.  All Minerva Valley served communities are eligible to receive Aureon grants.   Most awards range from $250 to $1,500.

To apply for an Aureon Charity Grant please complete and return the application found at this link:

Contact our office at 641-487-7399 if you have any questions.



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Minerva Valley Companies
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