Absolute TV

Absolute TV™ is a full-featured television subscription service for the Iowa communities of Clemons, McCallsburg, St. Anthony, Zearing, and the surrounding rural areas. This service features your favorite channels at affordable monthly rates. Plus, Absolute TV has friendly, local support.

SkitterTV from Minerva Valley Companies
Available Premium Channels

All prices are per month. 

HBO – $20.00

STARZ – $ 12.00

Cinemax   $14.00

Encore – $7.00

Sports Package – $6.99 ($3.99 for Total Package Subscribers)

Absolute TV Advanced Features

Have you ever turned on the TV and found a great show playing, but it started 15 minutes ago? No problem, with Absolute’s Restart TV. Now you can go back up to three hours in the on-screen guide to start watching from the beginning of a program.

Remote Storage DVR

Are a lot of your favorite shows all scheduled for the same time? With Remote Storage DVR, you’ll no longer have to decide which ones to record, and which ones you’ll miss – you can now have UNLIMITED simultaneous recordings!

Remote Storage DVR service will allow you to record 100, 200 or 300 hours of programming, and your recordings are automatically backed up. For instructions on how to use Remote Storage click on the Absolute TV User Guide button below.

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Minerva Valley Companies
104 N Pine Street
Zearing, IA 50278


Tel: 641-487-7399

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