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Local Telephone Service

Minerva Valley offers local telephone service to the Iowa communities of Clemons, St. Anthony, Zearing, and the surrounding rural areas. Rates for local service are determined by city, rural, resident or business criteria. A line is considered a business line if the telephone number is listed under a business name or is used for service advertising purposes. Minerva Valley prides itself in the quality of service and low monthly rates we have provided our local customers for the past 60 years.

Telephone from Minerva Valley Companies

Prices do not include taxes and surcharges

Minerva Valley Long Distance

Minerva Valley Long Distance offers two plans for our customer’s convenience.

Your Time

Your Time is a plan ideal for households that use less than 100 minutes of long distance per month. The cost is 14 cents per minute anywhere in the United States with no monthly service charge. We bill a 30 second initial period, then in six second increments. No rounding up whole minutes!

Just a Dime

Just a Dime is a plan for those who use more than 100 minutes of long distance per month. The cost is 10 cents per minute anywhere in the United States with a $3.95 monthly service charge. We bill a 60 second initial period and then in six second increments.

Available Calling Features

Adding Calling Features to your service can make your telephone time more efficient and effective. Following is a list of Calling Features currently available:

Anonymous Call Rejection: Allows a Customer of Caller Identification (Caller ID) to reject calls for which calling name/number display information has been intentionally blocked.

Automatic Call Back: Automatically redials the last number a customer dials. If the called party’s number is busy, a special tone will alert the customer when the called number becomes idle.

Call Forwarding Basic: Permits a customer to transfer all incoming calls to another dialable telephone number.

Call Forwarding Busy Line: Incoming calls may be forwarded to another number when the called number is busy.

Call Forward Don’t Answer: Incoming calls may be forwarded to another number if the customer does not answer after a preset number of rings.

Call Hold: Incoming calls may be placed on hold and retrieved from the same or another extension.

Call Trace: Allows the customer to activate an immediate trace of the last incoming call. A release form must be signed before the telephone company will release the information to the appropriate law enforcement agency.

Call Waiting: Current call may be put on hold so that a second call may be answered.

Call Waiting Deactivation: Call Waiting feature may be deactivated for the duration of a call.

Caller ID Blocking Per Call: Enables the customer to control the disclosure of their telephone number or name and telephone number to a subscriber of Caller ID.

Caller ID Blocking/Line: Provides a permanent private indicator on a customer’s line.

Caller ID – Name: Automatic delivery of a calling party’s name to the called customer on customer provided equipment.

Caller ID – Number: Automatic delivery of a calling party’s telephone number to the called customer on customer provided equipment.

Caller ID/Call Waiting: Allows the customer to receive calling number and/or name information about the call waiting party.

Distinctive Ringing: Provides up to three distinctive ringing codes on incoming calls, using one individual access line.

Redial: Allows the customer to dial an access code to redial the last telephone number called.

Selective Call Acceptance: Allows customers to define a list of calling numbers from which calls will be accepted. Numbers not on the list will receive an announcement stating that the call is not presently being accepted.

Selective Call Forwarding: Customer may specify a special list of telephone numbers. Incoming calls placed to the customer from that list will automatically be forwarded to a predefined number. Other calls will be handled normally.

Selective Call Rejection: Customer may reject calls from a list of calling parties.

Three Way Calling: Customer may add a third party to an existing call without operator assistance.

Toll Block w/PIN Override: Customer may restrict long distance calling by having to use a PIN number to place all long distance calls.

Wake Up Call: Customer may program their telephone to make a call to their own number at a predetermined time.

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