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Minerva Valley Companies is excited to announce that we have contracted with Skitter, Inc., a national cable TV provider, to bring an exciting new TV service to our subscribers. Skitter TV™ is a full-featured television subscription service that will be offered in place of Minerva Valley Companies existing TV service. With Skitter, we are able to deliver more comprehensive solutions with more advanced features than we could utilizing our current platform.

Select / $39.99 per month**

The Skitter TV service starts with the Select package.  With this package, you get the local channels like WOI, KCCI, WHO, CW and others.  You also get a few other channels too.  To see all of the channels you get when you subscribe to the Select package, click here...

Prime / $101.99 per month**

The Prime package adds a multiple more channels to the Select package.  To many to list here.  To see the additional channels offered in the Prime package, click here...

Total / $114.99 per month**

For those TV viewers that want it all, the Total package is for you.  The Total package brings the number of channels to 136 plus 40 DMX music channels.  For the Total list of channels, click here...

Premium Channels

Today STARZ & STARZ ENCORE are available, with HBO, Cinemax, Showtime and The Movie Channel in the near future.  For more information on the premium channel options, click here... 

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Skitter TV Advanced Features*

Restart TV

Have you ever turned on the TV and found a great show playing, but it started 15 minutes ago? No problem, with Skitter’s Restart TV. Now you can go back up to three hours in the on-screen guide to start watching from the beginning of a program.


Remote Storage DVR


Are a lot of your favorite shows all scheduled for the same time? With Remote Storage DVR, you’ll no longer have to decide which ones to record, and which ones you’ll miss - you can now have UNLIMITED simultaneous recordings!

Remote Storage DVR service will allow you to record about 100 hours of programming, and your recordings are automatically backed up. When you make recordings with the Whole Home DVR feature, they are saved on the hard drive in your set-top box. If that hard drive fails, all of the recordings are lost. But Remote Storage DVR saves your recordings on a hard drive within the Skitter system that is automatically and regularly backed up. No more worrying about losing your recordings.  If you’d like to upgrade to Remote Storage DVR the cost is only $6.95 per month for 100 hours, $12.95 for 200 hours, or $18.95 for 300 hours.

For instructions on how to use Remote Storage, click here.


*Advanced features are subject to rights availability under content licensing and applicable law.

Ready to go "Over the Top"?
Skitter TV also offers Skitter Slice.  With the Slice offering, you can get your local channels on a Roku device.  If you are interested in the Slice offering, click here for more details.
A broadband Internet connection and Roku device are required to receive this service.

** The first set top box is included with service.  Each additional set top box is $3.95 per month.