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Introducing Minerva Valley MESH Wi-Fi

Minerva Valley's MESH Wi-Fi service is a premium offering that creates a Wi-Fi network in your home or business that you can count on. It maybe crazy to think about this, but the average home now has about 10 Wi-Fi enabled devices. These devices range from the traditional laptop to smart phones, tablets, smart TVs, streaming hardware, printers, and even refrigerators. When you add these many devices, you can drastically slow down your network.  Even one device that is hogging up to much airtime can cause a problem if the signal throughout the house is poor. 

What some people try to do is upgrade to the latest flavor of Wi-Fi routers. This is all well and good, but not if all of your devices are not capable of connecting to the 5GHz frequency they use.

Others may just move the existing router. This can work in some cases, but it is not always a feasible option if you can't get to the new location. Furthermore, your home or business may just be to big to create a reliable network.

Another option is to add a Wi-Fi repeater. These will sometimes work, but they can also create problems as well. Your device may not actually steer itself to the strongest signal. You may just also be "extending" an already poor connection to begin with, not actually increasing any speeds.

This is why we have introduced our MESH Wi-Fi service. When you subscribe to this service, a technician will install a minimum of 2 MESH Access Points (APs). These APs will MESH and your clients will steer themselves to the strongest signal, whether it is an older mobile device using 2.4GHz frequencies, or the higher speed 5GHz frequencies. This will ensure that all of you devices have the best chance to deliver the speeds you are looking for. If your home is over 1200SqFt, a technician can simple add more MESH APs to make sure there are no dead zones.

For more information or to schedule and install, call or fill out this form.


Installation covers installation of MESH APs, configuration, and connecting of your devices.


Base Service:

Base Service includes 2 MESH APs which typically covers about 1200SqFt.

$8.99 per month

Additional APs:

If your home or business is over 1200SqFt, additonal radios may need to be installed.

$2.99 each per month

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