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Frequently Asked Questions


Below is a list of some questions we get. If your question is not here, call the

office at 641-487-7399 or email at info@minervavalley.net

 01  What does the "reset" button do on my modem/router.

By pressing the "reset" buttom on your modem, all of the provisioning will be lost.  The only way to get back online would be for a Minerva Valley technician to come to your house.  This would incur a trip charge and possibly labor charges as well.  However, if you have hit the reset button, you can bring the modem into our office with no charge.




 02  My TV say "No Input".

If you turn your TV on and your TV say "No Input", one of a few things has happened. 1, the set top box is off. 2. your TV is on the wrong input. 3. a cable may be unplugged.  So, if your TV says no input, press the power button on the remote, or hit the input button on the remote until the TV is on the right input, or make sure all of the cables are plugged into the proper ports.




 03  My Internet seems to be getting slower, why is that?

With every connected device, the bandwidth gets split by each device.  Sites like Youtube and Netflix, with all of the High Def video, also puts stress on your connection.  We recommend subscribing to a service level that offers at least 4Mbps.  The more device you have connected, look at subscribing to a level higher than 4Mbps.




 04  I got a virus on my computer, what can I do?

We recommend keeping you virus protection up to date, along with all Window, Java, and Flash updates. However, sometimes a virus can still sneak into you computer.  You can bring the PC to our office for a $30 and hour charge, or $45 per hour if we need to come to your office or home.